Offered certifications:

  • IRG (Level III), Guide (basic course in order to raft)
  • IRF (Level III or IV), Guide or Trip Leader

Guide Course Dates:

  • 2018: SOLD OUT!
  • 2019: June 10 – 14 (5 full days, IRG course & certificate), June 15-16th (IRF exam)
  • 2019: September 16 – 20 (5 full days, IRG course & certificate), September 21-22th (IRF exam)
  • 2020: June 8 – 12 (5 full days, IRG course & certificate), June 13-14th (IRF exam)


Minimum 4 persons, Maximum 16 persons

Your Tutors:

Your tutors are Rafting Instructors, Class 4+ Senior Guides, have extensive Rafting Industry experience, and are experienced River Rescue and Raft Guiding Instructors.

Training Languages:

German, English

Included services during Training Period:

  • 5 days training
  • 30-40 hours Wild Water 3 trip confirmation
  • Rafting curriculum (download)
  • Rafting equipment (wet suit, life jacket, helmet, shoes) for total duration of course
  • Transportation to Start/Exit points (Isel River)
  • Evening workshop

Training & Certification Costs:

  • IRG Training & Certification: € 395 (earlybird price) € 495 (normal price) incl. Rafting Curriculum, Rafting Equipment (helmet, neoprene wet suit, life jacket) for training period
  • Upgrade IRF Certification: € 150 (earlybird price), € 250 (normal price)
  • Certification Cards: € 40 (Guide), € 60 (Trip Leader)
  • Certification Letter: Free

Pre-Course Preparation:

Once registered and accepted onto the course you will be provided with resources to assist you with the following pre-course preparation. It is a course requirement that all students are competent in the following areas before the course commences. This allows us to make the most out of your course time. If you need further assistance in finding resources from which to learn any of these things please contact the Outdoor Education office, we will be happy to help.

  • Signals: Students must know all the standard rafting hand and whistle signals as per the Rafting Curriculum.
  • Knots: Students should be competent at tying the following knots under pressure. Bowline (around an anchor), tension hitch (truckies hitch) tied off with a releasable half hitch, tape or water knot, figure-eight knots (in-line, follow through, on a bight, directional(both ways), double loop), double fishermans, prussic knots (klemheist, classic), sheet bend, clove hitch (around a bar), Italian hitch, alpine butterfly.

Programme Fitness Requirements:

This short award requires a base level of fitness that will allow full and unhindered participation.

As the program starts, you will be go through a number of tasks. If your fitness is not adequate, you may be withdrawn from the program.

We suggest that you prepare in advance and ensure your fitness is such that you can make the most of the learning offered on the course. Expect long days on the river with lots of swimming and clambering around the river. Regaining an upturned raft from the water requires strength, technique and timing.

Fitness Self-Tests and Standards:

Applicants should meet the course fitness requirements as listed below:

  • Swim test: Swim freestyle 500 meters in sheltered water (pool) without stopping in 10 minutes
  • Run test: Run 5km in 28 minutes without stopping on undulating terrain

Note: these are minimum standards the student should be able to perform.

Entry Criteria:

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • minimum 18 years of age
  • mature student’s who demonstrate the motivation and commitment to study
  • First Aid course (first aid from drivers license works)
  • good English skills


  • First aid course: 8 hours certificate. Minimum number of participants: 6 people
  • Extra Training: 10 hours (2days) of rafting practice in WW3 with verification for € 250 (or € 150 earlybird special). Can be booked in advance or during the course days.
  • Accomodation: accomodation is provided at an additional low cost of € 39 / day incl. half board (breakfast & dinner)


Registrations must be completed 14 days before course begins. REGISTER HERE